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Transparent film Rolls

Price :$

Code :GT096-400

Min. Order :10000 pcs

Capacity :

Source :China

Port :Shanghai Ningbo

Certification :CE/ISO13485/FDA

Payment :T/T,L/C

OEM :Accept

Sample :

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PU adhesive dressing

The PU adhesive dressing is mainly formed by two parts: a base material (PU) and separate paper.

The PU base material is soft, thin and light and mainly used for fixing. The product is used for the protection of various open injuries.

The product is low in sensitization, excellent in biological compatibility, bacteria-free and high in air permeation, and doesn’t irritate or damage the skin nor affect the natural functions of the skin.


1. PET backing

2. PU Film

3. Medical Pressure Sensitive adhesive

4. Release paper

Size: 5cm x10m, 10cm x 10m, 15cm x10m

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