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Drape with Hole

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Drape with Hole

Price :$

Code :GT064-100

Min. Order :10000 pcs

Capacity :

Source :China

Port :Shanghai Ningbo

Certification :CE/ISO13485/FDA

Payment :T/T,L/C

OEM :Accept

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Drape with hole 消毒手术洞巾

Material: PU or drape

Pu drape is a transparent, adhesive polyurethane film,

Which can adhere throughout long surgical operations to the surrounding skin and most importantly to the wound edge, thereby significantly lessening the chance of compromising the sterile environment.

Lodrape is an enhanced surgical drape product that is impregnated with lodophor P.V.P.

Lodrape helps to maintain a sterile barrier, lowers the risk of microbial transmission, and significantly lowers the colony forming units(CFU’S) of the bacteria staphylococci during use in operations. The need for the enhanced product is especially useful for the following operations: orthopedic procedures, cardiac valve replacements, venous retention suture<needle>, peritoneal<encheiresis> therapy, and by-pass operations of the cerebrospinal fluid.



Transparent and thin

Conformable and elastic

Easily applied to the skin

Sterilization: EO

Size: 50cm×50cm,70cm×90cm, 70cm×110cm, 150cm×200cm or other size per customer’ demand

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