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A Breed Apart, A Brand Apart

The story of Greetmed, a brand which I created the mission , is one of a company that strives to live up to its mission each day: "Health and well-being for every family - love in every corner of the World." It is the record of an ethos brought to life and an on-going tale of words backed by action, intentions backed by truth, and promises backed by results. We expose customers to ever-greater solutions, service, and consistency - and do so with a warmth and sincerity that breeds mutual trust and ever-deeper cooperation.

Working in the medical products supply industry, we're never far removed from the plight of those in need. We're always, therefore, acutely aware of our impact on those benefiting from our products, yet ourselves see the tangible results of our efforts. So despite being a step removed from the end-user, we sought a name infused with the same spirit of earnest hospitality that top-flight health service should include. Greetmed was therefore chosen to genuinely and passionately reflect our warmth, empathy, and focus. We were born with true Corporate Social Responsibility in our DNA

Intentions, of course, aren't enough. To excel at our long-term mission we need to continually adapt, learn, and grow and to do so means using continuous improvement principles. Those things also require great communication, within and to the outside of our company. In turn, they further require excellent planning, organization, coordination, systems and processes. So, we're more than merely mindful of these elements - we live them and have allowed them to penetrate our corporate culture and processes. And as we live them we're constantly renewed with spirit, conviction and passion as the virtuous and synergistic cycle we have created brings smiles and satisfaction back to us, energizing and propelling our team.

Naturally, the Greetmed brand meaning goes beyond the name itself - our logo design denotes multiple concepts as well. Green represents peace, health, and harmony with nature. The four upward-arching dots increasing in size indicate steady, constant growth with one dot for each quarter of the calendar year - a cycle constantly renewed. The dots’ orange color displays creativity, warmth, happiness, vitality, and prosperity.

You will see and feel all these aspects in us as we both come to know and harmonize with your firm and its processes. We sincerely look forward to that beginning, and on my own behalf and that of my entire team - welcome!