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We promise: fast delivery time, effective solutions, trustworthy communication, dependable quality, and reliable order fulfillment.

Our mission statement, while bold, is something we truly believe in:

"Health and well-being for every family - love in every corner of the World."

Greeting the day ,greeting the future.

We pray no disaster, No flue. We hope every family with health and fortunate.

While infections are normally to be prevented at all costs in healthcare, we here at Greetmed actively cultivate a spirit of service through responsibility and kindness that is contagious in the best sense. Greetmed was founded in 2003 with a true desire to serve those in need and today is a top-notch ISO 13485 and FDA and CE certified manufacturer and provider of non-woven products, respiratory products, urine bags, and numerous other items to the medical field.

But by letting actions speak louder than words and actually doing our small part we deliver - on a daily basis - solutions, peace-of-mind, and just the right dose of true Corporate Social Responsibility. We're proud to have done things the right way and earned our acclaim.

So who are we? A management team that's young yet seasoned, using processes that are refined yet adaptable, according to principles that are unwavering. An organization with low staff turnover, and - like our processes - continually improving. Many staffs, such as Administrative Manager Lusia Chan, have been on board for more than a decade.

We're able to deliver compelling value to our customers and their end-users, give back directly to social causes, and still take a humanistic approach towards all staff by being highly efficient and productive. Precise communication, cross-cultural empathy, and the hard work of the Greetmed family are all filtered through our SAP ERP system, strict procedures, and constant application of continuous improvement methods.

Our R&D teams provide exacting custom designs and consistent production according to the specific wants and needs of our clients. And we have reliable model workshop with 100 workers has advanced model machine imported from Swiss and Japan.

That solidified foundation means we are able grow rapidly yet confidently, and we have been. In 2010 we established manufacturing facilities -over 10,000 square meters - in Hubei province, allowing us further direct control of our non-woven lines. For example In 2014, this factory put out more than 15 million RMB (2.5 million USD) worth of masks, surgical caps and gowns, isolation gowns, etc. In 2012 we established manufacturing facilities-over 18,000square meters – in Anhui province, allowing us more economic cost for vaginal speculum and plastic ware. In 2014 we mere with one facilities-over 6000 square meters –in Zhejiang province, Specially to make suction catheter, Yankauer handle, oxygen mask. Nebulizer mask.

A key founding philosophy here is that great communication, great service and integrity lead to excellent results. That has been true, and will be true for you and your company as valued partners. All staffs in Greetmed will do our best to work for you.